Just A Thought 01/16/09

I received a friend packet from our satellite TV provider.  It says it is to help friends be able to keep watching their televisions after the “Big Change” to DTV.  They keep telling us, as though to warn us, that if you don’t have Cable or Satellite, and no Digital Television you will no longer be able to view your local channels.

Are things so bad in the television world that they, ie., the television people, must spend millions of dollars telling us that we could lose our signals if we don’t update?  Would it really be so bad to be without television?  It is as though our world would end without it.  How do people get so full of themselves?

There are a lot worse things that could happen to people.  Jesus Christ could return, and billions be unprepared.  The USA could be overthrown by a third world country.  There are probably thousands told everyday that they have some form of cancer.  There are thousands daily that lose their jobs, and are left without any income, or health care.

For one whole year, and maybe more we have heard:  “We are changing to DTV signals, and your old TV will no longer receive the signal.”  Would that those of us who are Christians would make such a bold effort to tell the world about the wonder love, grace and mercy of our God through His Son Jesus Christ.

If we did lose our Television signal that wouldn’t be so bad.  If we lose our signal with our God, Jesus Christ; now, that would be bad.

Just a thought for today.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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