Pre-Trib Rapture

The following are links to reasons I believe in the pre tribulation rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ.  The best reason of all is to see Jesus in His glory before His final judgment falls on this world.

1. Unfulfilled Promises
2. Scriptural/Historical Evidence of Previous Raptures
3. The Scoffers
4. Jesus Said He Would Come Again…
5. The Church Has Not Been Appointed to Wrath
6. This View Maintains the Imminent Return of Christ
7. Stronger Emphasis on Evangelism and Missions
8. Because Israel is Put Aside for a Time; The Lord is Working In the Church Today
9. The Scriptures Refer to the Blessed Hope
10. It Causes Us to Look to Jesus
11. The Church is the Temple of the Holy Spirit…
12. There Are No Signs that Point to the Rapture

9 thoughts on “Pre-Trib Rapture

  1. I have a question for you I’m kinda surveying something eschatologically that not many care about. Where do you place the resurrection in this, and what do you think happens when people die/ intermediate states?

    I’m mostly a scholar of the “Resurrection” than tribulation, in part, I don’t think I’ve been faithful my whole life enough to avoid it and I don’t want to leave the world without witnesses.

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    • I believe the Bible speaks of two resurrections. The resurrection of the just – those who are born again in Christ Jesus including the OT saints – taking place at the rapture (Revelation 20:5-6) and the resurrection of the rest who will stand before what is called the “great white throne” (Revelation 20:11-15). We must remember in the fulfilling of many of God’s promises there are sometimes large gaps of time; at least in our reckoning of time.
      As far as being ready for eternity; all you need do is believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and trust Him and His finished work on the cross, His burial, and His resurrection; calling on His name in faith He will give you eternal life.


      • Thank you for sharing your views. I’ll keep your viewpoint in mind. I would have neglected the idea of 2 resurrections if I hadn’t of asked! So thank you.

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  2. Wonderful exegesis, and I like you believe it will be a Pre-Trib Rapture. Now we have to hang on until the return of our Savior to remove His church from this world of suffering and pain. I have many aliments and am in pain physically all the time to some degree, so this promise is extremely appealing to me. I congratulate your for your precise and documented integrity. And thanks for choosing to follow my blog. I feel happy and honored. jlehman1945


    • Like you Judith I look forward to seeing Jesus. As far as I am concerned that is the greatest thing about the rapture; that is seeing Jesus. Being delivered from the judgment that is coming on the earth dwellers is a side blessing.
      Thanks for reading, and God’s richest blessings on you.


  3. Judgment starts in the house of Yah, how can He judge the world who doesn’t know Him, but not judge us who claim to believe. we are held to the utmost standard. We escape His wrath, but the timeline in Revelation does not support pre-trib. Tribulations are what refines us and make us into the vessels He wants us to be, by the refiners fire.

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    • The Christian is being judged right now. Judgment does begin in the house of God. The Christian has been in “tribulation” since the ascension of Jesus, and before. However, our sins were paid for at the cross of Jesus. When the rapture of the saints occurs that will be a cleansing from sin itself. The antichrist leader who deceives the world could not be affective if the Body of Christ is present (2 Thes. 2:7); nor could the nation of Israel be brought to full judgment to realize their true Messiah with the presence of the Body of Christ.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

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    • If He comes for the chosen ones,prescribe, & is coming back for the ones that your pretribers say will be saved during that time, then He will have to come 3 times, born, back for pretribers & back again for those that R born after pretribers leave. Don’t add up. I agree with drza4.


      • Thanks for your comment. Jesus only returns to earth one time, and that is when He comes to Jerusalem, and makes things right on earth.
        He comes in the clouds for His saints before the tribulation. I agree with Paul (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).
        Thank you again.


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