The Dream is Revealed

Daniel 2:14-23.

Seeing how Daniel and his friends were not invited to the council meeting they had every right to ask what was going on. “Why is the kings decree so hasty?” (v. 15).

Arioch was the ‘captain of the king’s gruard’, and in charge of killing the incompetent ‘wise men’. When Arioch came to Daniel; Daniel had questions. He knew nothing about the king’s dream nor his edict to kill the frauds.

Arioch seems to be patient with Daniel and his friends. He shares with Daniel how the king has made a decree to kill all the astrologers, magicians, sorcerers, etc., including all those newly trained in the crafts. This include Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. REMEMBER THE ABOVE QUOTATION BY GRAHAM SCROGGIE. They studied astrology, etc. “to understand it, but not to believe it.” The power of these Hebrews was the person who created all things. The person who put Nebuchadnezzar on the throne of Babylon.

Daniel seems to have had access to the throne. It does not tell us how he went to the king, but that he did. Daniel asked the king for time to know and interpret the dream. Notice his faith. He did not tell the king, that what he was asking was preposterous, nor did he question the king’s reasoning. He simply asked the king for some time. The Babylonian ‘wise men’ had asked for time, and had been refused, because the king knew they were stalling. He must have sensed the sincerity of Daniel’s words and heart, and gave him . The amount of time is not mentioned, just what Daniel did with what time he had been given.

Daniel went to his house, got his friends together and said, “Let’s pray that God would show us the king’s dream and its interpretation”; they prayed and God answered. NOTE: There is a secret given here concerning praying, “That they would desire mercies of the God of heaven concerning this secret;”. It is in humility that one must pray to the most High God. We do not approach Him with demand, but desiring His mercy.

God answered Daniel’s and his friend’s prayer. It is exceptionally wonderful to read Daniel’s praise to God for the answer to prayer. It seems that Daniel was praising God even before this answer came. There are no other words of praise previously mentioned, but it was by his life he praised God.