Have a God-Filled Christmas

First of all, I want to express a word of THANKS to all who have come to Fire and Hammer and read the articles.  It seems, that, even though we have never met we have become friends with some of you.

Secondly, I want to say to everyone who may come here in the next month or so that there is plenty here to read.  I pray God will bless you in your endeavor.  Also being the Christmas season I pray you will have a very GOD FILLED CHRISTMAS, and do remember the Christ whose birth we are celebrating.  Remember Him on His birthday, and on every day of the New Year coming.

The third thing, I wanted to let all the ones who come hear know also, that I will not be blogging from December 16 through January 15, 2007.  There are some articles on the REASONS I BELIEVE IN THE PRETRIBULATION RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH which I will catch up on at that time.

God bless you all.  If we never meet here; I do pray we will meet when we see Jesus.  In Christ Jesus I will see you HERE, THERE, OR IN THE AIR.