Just A Thought 01/13/09

One Four Three

A three word sentence.  If you look at this mathematically 1+4+3= 8.  What can this possibly mean.

I want us to see this not as a problem of arithmetic, but an answer to a lot of human ills.  It is amazing what this three word sentence can do to the hearts of many people, and with time, could be a change with all people, one way or another.

Let’s first of all look at that first word “One”.  There is first of all only YOU.  You by yourself, are a unique being.  You were made in the image of our Creator, whether you believe that or not makes no difference from the truth that you are.   There is no other like you, and when you refer to yourself to someone else you say “I”, and that is what the word “One” stands for.  There is only one you, and no more; and you are the “I” in your life.

The second word “Four” refers to another word; a four letter word.  Now there are many four letter words, some of which are not fit to be spoken or written.  In the United States of America there are different kinds of expression of this four letter word of which I refer to.  “Love” is that four letter word.  Another four letter word which is really behind a lot of the word is “Lust” rather than love.  That is often meant in a man’s heart toward a  woman, rather than genuine love.  Lust takes and gives nothing but pain and harm.  Love that is genuine and true seeks the good and well being of others, and of another.

Parents, your children need to hear you tell them “I love you”, and they need to hear their Mom and Dad say to one another, “I love you”, and not only saying it, but expressing it in many ways.  Kindness to one another.  Even when you are angry with one another refrain from name calling, which leads to bitterness, anger, and long time harm through memories; and can and often does go into the next generation, if not corrected quickly.

Love thinks of the well being of others, and not of the “I”.

The final word we see is “YOU”.  When you are speaking to someone else you refer to them as “You”, or by name.  To myself I refer to the reader here as “YOU”.  I pray that this will make an impact on your life, your family, and all the people who come into your life.

Husbands and wives; there may be some reading here who are on the brink of divorce.  Have you forgotten the words “I love you”?  Have you demonstrated that love by kindness, affection, an act that does not involve sex, nor expect it in return?  Genuine love comes by sacrifice; giving yourself, even at great expense, for the well-being of another.  It is possible to save your home, your marriage, the future of your children, and your very own future with those three words, “I LOVE YOU.”

These three words are very difficult to say, and maybe they should be.  They should never be said with an ulterior motive, selfishly, or without thought.  It should mean that we care, that I am here for you, that whatever you need, and it is in the power of my hand to provide it; it is yours.

Loving others genuinely is sometimes difficult, because “I” am sometimes selfish, self-centered, self-seeking, and we, you and I, can see that in small children if we will see it.  See it in them as they play, and suddenly one says, “Mine!”

The greatest good that could take place in our homes, communities, churches, States, and Countries is to begin telling others, “I love you” with a genuine heart, or merely by showing “I love you” with an act of kindness, when we have not been treated so kindly.  And do so without expecting anything in return.  Do it because you genuinely love.

The greatest love ever shown was when “God demonstrated His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).  God loves you.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, with His feet above the earth, His head toward heaven and His arms were outstretched as though saying “I love you, come unto Me”.

Because Jesus lives, I LOVE YOU.

-Tim A. Blankenship