Have Faith In God

Have Faith In God

Mark 11:12-26

1.  It Is A Matter of  Bearing Fruit (vv. 12-14).

2.  It Is  A Matter of Prayer (vv. 15-19; Isaiah 56:7;  Jeremiah 7:11).

3.  It Is A Matter of Believing, Trusting Faith (vv. 20-24).

4.  It Is A Matter of Forgiveness (vv. 25-26).

“Notice the importance Jesus places on “Forgiveness”.  Without forgiveness we cannot expect answer to our prayer.  God is so good to forgive us, we ought also to forgive those whom we believe responsible for offending us.  Remember this;  NO FORGIVENESS, NO ANSWER TO PRAYER.  KNOW FORGIVENESS, KNOW ANSWER TO PRAYER.”

Preached at Carr Lane Baptist Church on June 22, 2014 Morning Worship.