God’s Name and Power

“Save me, O God, by Thy name, and judge me by Thy strength.” Psalm 54:1 (KJV)

When we read the Bible we find many times where the characters of scripture cry out for salvation.  Many times that means deliverance from a present condition; as is with David’s case in the above verse.  It can carry with it an eternal meaning, and teach us that in every area of life we need God’s help.

On this verse Spurgeon has noted,

“Save me, O God.” Thou art my Saviour; all around me are my foes and their eager helpers. No shelter is permitted me. Every land rejects me and denies me rest. But thou, O God, wilt give me refuge, and deliver me from all my enemies. “By thy name,” by thy great and glorious nature. Employ all thine attributes for me. Let every one of the perfections which are blended in thy divine name work for me. Is not thine honour pledged for my defence? “And judge me by thy strength.” Render justice to me, for none else will or can. Thou canst give me efficient justice, and right my wrongs by thine omnipotence. We dare not appeal to God in a bad cause, but when we know that we can fearlessly carry our cause before his justice we may well commit it to his power.

If we find ourselves harvesting a crop from evil seeds we should not expect God’s deliverance.  We do reap what we sow; both good and bad.  There is, however, forgiveness for every sin.