Falling “Christian” Stars: Josh Duggar and the Cult of Christian Celebrity

Patching Cracks

IMG_7424With the recent release of hacker data stolen from Ashley Madison, a dating service for married people seeking to have an affair, and the revelations that followed; various tendencies in Christians’ responses have, yet again, sprung forth. Every time a minister or other prominent Christian is caught in some sort of malfeasance, certain responses are predictable. Perhaps the most troubling to me is the tendency to minimize or ignore sin. Jesus and the rest of the Bible tend to treat sin seriously. This is even the case for the “good guys” in the Bible. David, a man after God’s own heart, took it on the chin for his adultery and murder. Peter was called “Satan” in the rebuke of Jesus when he spoke out of his own interests. Paul repeatedly bemoans his own sin, calling himself the least of the disciples and repeatedly referring to his persecution of the church…

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2 thoughts on “Falling “Christian” Stars: Josh Duggar and the Cult of Christian Celebrity

  1. Thanks for addressing this situation, this revealing of the difference between” regular people” and their sins compared to the “rest of us.” It gets blown our of proportion, but they are in the spotlight,and that is more than ever the reason they need to do what is right. Are they any better than the rest of us>, or any worse? Role models is what they have set themselves up to be, and when they fall, is that the same or worse than when we mere humans fall from grace? Interesting juxtaposition. Thank you for shedding light on this so we can all cogitate on that factor. Jlheman1945


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