Author Interview: Robert Hefner, Author of “The Filling”

I want to share this from an online friend, and pastor who has interviewed the author of the book mentioned; “The Filling”. Hope you will read this, and maybe purchase the book too, at the link provided.


It is not often that I encounter a book utilizing sound exegesis to explain an easily-misunderstood subject in a clear, concise manner.  The Filling: Answers from Ephesians on How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit is a welcome exception.  The author, Dr. Robert Hefner, is a long-time friend and graciously consented to discuss his new book.

1robertIf you would, Robert, begin by sharing a bit about yourself.

My name is Robert Hefner.  I am 35 years old.  I have been married since June 21, 2003, to Diana, and we have one child, Joseph, who is 5.  I have been in full-time ministry as an assistant pastor at Mud Creek Baptist Church since the summer of 2003 as well. My primary ministry responsibilities include adult education and pastoral research, but like any pastor, I have a number of other regular and irregular ministry duties.  I have been teaching theology at Fruitland Baptist…

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