Sermon Notes from Song of Solomon 052117

Shiloah Baptist Church

My Beloved… My Friend

Song of Songs 5:1-16

With the positives and negatives of marriage, there must be love, facing life together, and friendship.  The home, marriage is the bedrock of our society.

Some thoughts…

  1.  Enjoy the intimacies of love in marriage, and praise one another (v. 1).
  2.   There will be times of discord, quarrels, and temporary rejections; learn from them and grow together.  Do not let trivial things, the kids, or the job or career get between you and your love for one another (vv. 2-8).
  3.  Be one another’s  friend – always return to praising and admiring each other (vv. 9-16).

Our best friend is our spouse next to Jesus who is the friend who sticks closer than a brother.

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Thoughts from Song of Solomon Seven

Shiloah Baptist Church

Your Love Your Desire

Song of Solomon 7:1-13

Marriage is the bedrock of any strong society; that is a strong, godly marriage.  When it is cheapened by continuous divorce, remarriage, divorce, and remarriage it is no wonder that we are discussing the matters of immoral conduct in same sex, transsexual matters.

Christian keep your marriage strong.  Follow the example given by Solomon as a young man in love with his spouse (the Shulamite), and her love for him.

  1.  Build up her beauty without false flattery; with true love and admiration (vv. 1-5).
  2.   Admire her physical attributes… (vv. 6-9a)
  3.   She needs to let him know his love for her is approved, and that she has an assurance his desire is toward her alone (vv. 9b-13).

A strong Christian marriage is the testimony to the world of Christ love for us, His Church, and His sacrifice for the redemption of…

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