When We Speak With GOD and Miracles Happen

Shiloah Baptist Church

Let me be clear about something before we get too far into this fairly lengthy study.  I do not see miracles in everything that happens.  I do not believe the birth of a baby is a miracle. The conception, maybe, but not the birth.  One exception to that would be the birth of Jesus Christ; God became Man.  WOW!  Now that is a miracle.

With that said, I also find nowhere in Scripture that we ought to pray for cars, homes, wealth, or anything like that except for our “Daily bread” our physical needs; and it is a far cry from our needs to our wants.

None the less, let us hear the words of Jesus after He had cursed the fig tree:

“And He left them, and went out of the city into Bethany; and He lodged there.
Now in the morning as He returned into the city, He…

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