Science, Christianity, and The Bible

Science, Christianity, and The Bible

There are some who are trying to tell us that science and the Bible cannot agree. That, Christianity and the Bible are in complete opposition to science. There really could be nothing further from that thought.

Just what is the meaning of “Science”? The word itself means knowledge. The Bible cannot be in opposition to “Knowledge” because that is what is within the pages of God’s Word – the Bible. There must be some thought put to having knowledge.

There is a so-called knowledge which endeavors to tell us that the earth, and the universe in which we reside; as well as the occupants of this world and universe are products of an accidental explosion, without any order, and all of this just happened to come forth out of the chaos. Is that real “Science”? Is that “Knowledge”? Real science would acknowledge that there is order in the universe. The order allows the true scientist to figure out the time of the morning “sunrise”, and the setting of the evening “sunset”.

Real science can give you the dimensions of an archaeological discovery of an ancient city wall, and tell you that it had a maker, and can sometimes even discover who that maker was. Real science can tell you that 1 + 1 = 2, and that if there was no order to this universe they would not be able to tell you anything of any real significance.

Could a tornado hit a scrap metal yard, and a car just happen to pop up out of the chaos? What would the chances of that be? I have heard the figures on that, but it is so astronomical, there wouldn’t be enough room for anything but zeros in this article. So there would be absolutely no chance of that happening. How about a house being built by that same tornado as it swept through a forest? Probably the same amount of zeros. Where is the science – the knowledge – in evolutionary thought. It seems to truly be without thought.

Let’s think about this thing called SCIENCE. True science recognizes that there is order to the universe. True science knows that 1 + 1 = 2, and 2+2=4. It also knows that it takes a builder to build a wall or a house; and true science will truly recognize that there was a builder, designer for something so much more grand, beautiful, and larger as this universe; and all that is in it. True science would recognize the grandeur of the human body; its design, its many vessels throughout, the muscles, the eyes, the ears. Not recognizing a designer is to deny sense, sensibililty and true science.

The true scientific mind will recognize the truth. Science will rely on the evidence, and all evidence for the universe and all that is in it is clearly to the clear thinking, and knowledgeable mind; there is a Creator. He designed it and everything within the universe. He designed the earth, and all life upon it; and He designed and made one special creation in His own image. That is man.

In my mind it is a bit unclear why some of those who are made in their Creator’s image want to say that their Creator does not exist. They try to throw out the Creator for the lie. They want to rule their own lives, and never have to answer to anyone, but themselves.

The Bible, Christianity and Science fit quite well together. As a Christian I recognize that there is order in the universe; and recognize that houses are designed by designers/architects, and built by builders. I know that, because I have helped build a few, and worked on remodeling others, and it does not happen by accident. To say anything else would just be clear foolishness.

The Bible tells us that “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7). That tells me that science, ie., true science must begin with God. If you begin anywhere else it is faulty science. Science will not give you knowledge of the Bible, but the Bible will give you knowledge of science. In this previous sentence it could really be worded like this: “Knowledge will not give you knowledge of the Bible, but the Bible will give you knowledge of knowledge.” Strange right? But nevertheless correct. Do not fall into the trap of interpreting the Bible with science; interpret science with the Bible.

If you are searching for truth in science, then you must begin with God. Remember, “In the beginning God…” (Genesis 1:1). Beginning anywhere else will lead to grave and dangerous error; and it could be at the expense of your God – given eternal soul.

I once met a man, an atheist, who was highly educated. I introduced myself, and told him what I was doing, making visits as the pastor of a small town church, and meeting some people; and I started to question him of what he believed about God. His answer somewhat surprised me. “Haven’t you realized that the geological evidence clearly proves that the earth has no creator”, not necessarily verbatim, but close. He proceeded to say he did not believe there was a god of anykind. My answer was, “You mean to tell me that you can believe that the house you live, the one you are standing in now, could’ve just popped up here by accident?” Do you know what his answer to that was? “That has nothing to do with it.” Then he proceeded to tell me of his education, his major in geology, and his degree in geology; as though that should be proof enough. It really did not do anything profound for me. He asked my degree of education, to which I responded, “NO college”. I do have enough sense to know that it takes a Designer to build something so vast and wide as this universe, and its living inhabitants. Christians do not despise education, nor science; true science.  All science must begin with God.  Anything else, science, religion, or education that begins with man, or earth, or anything worldly will fall short or truth.  That is SCIENCE; that is BIBLE; and that is what I believe as a CHRISTIAN.

-by Tim A. Blankenship