The Almighty, the Majestic One

The Almighty, the Majestic One

There is a section of chapter 3 which we are about to finish, and that is verses 3-7, and this section describes the Majesty and Power of the Almighty God. In verse three we see His glory. In verse four His brightness, horns coming out of His hand with His power hidden. In verse five pestilence went before Him and fever followed at His feet. In verse six He stood and measured the earth, and His ways are everlasting. My, O, My what a wonderful, powerful, majestic God we know and serve.

“I saw the tents of Cushan in affliction; The curtains of the land of Midian trembled.” Habakkuk 3:7 (NKJV).

We know that as God worked in Egypt to bring the children of Israel out of that land of slavery and oppression, He struck fear into the hearts of the Egyptian people and their king. They were trembling by the time the Pharoah told them they could leave. They were paying them to leave, giving them gold, silver, precious jems, and rich clothing.

The message the prophet Habakkuk is getting to all his people is God has never failed to bring His people to His place. It may not be like we sometimes think, but He will get us through.

The reason I say this in the personal is that is true of the Christian today. It was/is true for the people of Israel. One day this Nation called Israel will see their Messiah, and they will call on His name. The name of the One whom they have pierced, and they will call Him their King and Lord.

The people of Cushan and Midian were nomadic people, meaning that they never stayed in one place very long. We know that because of the “tents” and the “curtains”. We see in other passages of Scripture that God made all the nations tremble before this Nation He had freed from Egypt. That is why Balak called for Balaam to curse this people but could not. He did eventually lead them to a place of bringing God’s curse on them themselves, by joining with the Moabites in sin and wicked practices (See Numbers 25 and 31:1-11).

God never allows His people to sin successfully; and He never allows those who hurt them to escape His judgment. They will tremble before Him.

-by Tim A. Blankenship