Think Of Isaiah’s Thoughts

Prophet’s Possible Perspective

Being a member of a noble family I sometimes become frustrated by having other people waiting on me and doing things, which I know I could do. Nevertheless, I have a good life, really it is too good. I am truly blessed

As I was walking by one of our fields yesterday, I noticed a familiar site. One I had seen many times before; one of our servants walking behind an ox, prodding him with a goad, guiding his direction, and that ox did exactly what this man directed him to do. If the man tapped the ox on the left side of the neck the ox turned right. If the man tapped him on the right side he turned left. When the ox was tapped on the rump he would increase his speed. The ox gave no sign of hesitating to any tap of the goad.

This became of great interest in my heart. God, holy God; began speaking to me through this ox working in the field. If the ox does not hesitate to obey its master and turns wherever he is directed, then why does God’s people not obey Him? This was the question which came to my mind.

As I was going back to the house I went by the stables, and I noticed a donkey which had just been brought back from carrying a heavy load of trade goods. This donkey just went right to the trough, knowing that his owner had put feed there for him. Once again the Spirit of God showed me how rebellious the people of God had become.

O, how terrible, that the people of God forget the merciful, providential, gracious, loving, hand of God. They go on their way, but do not consider. It is as if, they do not even know God.

“The ox knows his owner, and the donkey his master’s crib: but Israel does not know, my people does not consider” (Isaiah 1:3).

O, that the people of God would only “Consider” these matters.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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