Wrong Side of Judgment

“O LORD, rebuke me not in Thy wrath: neither chasten me in Thy hot displeasure.” Psalm 38:1 (KJV)

No one that I know wants to be on the wrong side of judgment.  By that I mean the danger end of a shotgun, rifle, or pistol.  For those unfamiliar with this thought I will just say, no one looks forward to standing in court before a judge; at least if they are in the right mind.

No one should desire to stand on the wrong side of the judgment of GOD.  I know that I sure do not want to.  Neither did David the Psalmist.  GOD is the supreme Judge.  He hates sin.  He judges sin; my sin and yours.  We cannot even appear  before Him unless sin has been dealt with.

No one can be good enough, sinless enough to appear before GOD of Creation on their own merit.  Not me, nor you.  Our own “righteousness” condemns us, it does not save us.  We are born in a condemned state, apart from GOD; without GOD.

GOD Himself stepped into the world picture in the person of His Son Jesus Christ, pouring out His wrath, His displeasure upon Him for us, that we might come into His presence and glory.

If you do not desire to be rebuked in the wrath of GOD; in which you will not survive it; neither will you survive His hot displeasure; then, you must receive GOD’S gracious gift of salvation He has provided by way of the cross of Jesus Christ.  Jesus died, was buried, and bodily arose and came out of the grave, and lives today awaiting the time to come again and make all things right.