Listening to His Story

We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work Thou didst in their days, in the times of old. Psalm 44:1 (KJV)

How often do we pay attention to the history of the past?  We often hear some people say things like “History is written by the people who won the wars”.  Only a one sided story in other words, and in many cases that may be the truth.

I love reading the Word of God.  It is about GOD.  It is about our beginning, and our end of this life.  It is His story.  It is about God working to call a people to Himself.  It is about God delivering a people from sin, its condemnation, and the wrath of God upon sin, and upon His own Son whom He sent to be the Redeemer of mankind.

Someone might ask, “What if “Our fathers” were wrong, or just flat out told a lie?”  Do we have no confidence in our fathers of the faith?  We cannot however, only believe because of what the fathers have told us in Scripture.  We must believe because we too have heard God for ourselves.  We have seen Him move.  We have seen Him work changing the lives of people who came to Him.  Beginning with ourselves we see the change.

It is often because of His story from the past that we are led to believe Him today.  His story from the past is His story still today.  The history we speak of is usually of what happened in years past.  The story of God, and His salvation is His story that lives today, and into the future.

Listen to what the faithful “Fathers” have told us; then we can believe the faithful Father today.