Another ‘suicide’ of Christian soldier in Egypt’s military

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Egypt’s largely Muslim military ruled that the mysterious death in 2015 of a Christian soldier within their ranks was a suicide, despite clear signs he was murdered, his family said.

It was the third questionable death of a Christian within Egypt’s military in the last year.

Bishoy Natei Kamel, 21, was bullied in his unit to the point he could stand it no more and stood up for himself. The ensuing fight resulted in his being jailed and put on trial, but before the outcome of the trial, his family was notified of his suicide and called to bury their son, according to the World Watch Monitor (WWM).

“His body bore signs of torture and extensive violence,” his father told WWM. “His forehead was protruding from swelling. He had an injury to his nose, clear bruises under his arm, his right ear and his right cheek, and other bruises to…

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3 thoughts on “Another ‘suicide’ of Christian soldier in Egypt’s military

  1. Oh, this is terrible. We must continue to pray for all the Christians being targeted all over the world, and now especially in the Mid East. This is so important for all of us to pray about continually. Christians are under attack all over the world and we must pray against it. Thank you for making it more personal. Your entries always make me think and cause me to be better informed. And also thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it very much jlehman1945


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