The Problem with Temptation is Us

The Fight of Faith

She stopped by again today and gave me one of those looks. The beauty of her face set against the backdrop of the tumultuous sky promised me peace. It was soft and gentle. It was like she was telling me, “I know you are hurting and I can help.” There was a grace in the whole thing that spun my world with confusion.

The power she wielded over me was devastating. She continued to promise relief, but I have spent time with her on more than one occasion. She keeps telling me to trust her, that she can sooth the pain I am feeling. I reminded her that every time previously, her relief has only been temporary and that she always leaves me more troubled than before. Her response to this has always been the same, “Just one more time and you will be satisfied.”

Either I go with her…

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One thought on “The Problem with Temptation is Us

  1. You found the rotten core of it. And all of us are tempted. It is one of the hardest of all things to keep in line, because “she” is always there, drawing pretty pictures and contemplating all manner of measures by which she can draw us away again……..jlehman1945 Not to be funny or maybe I will because we get so very little of” funny” or humor these days,I I laugh at myself and the things that interest me and cause laughter are often hard to find these days. jlehman1945 Thanks as I so often say to you. jlehman1945

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