The Preacher and His Preaching

I thought I would share this with you again.

Broken Pieces

I am thankful for the pastors/preachers who faithfully stand in their places of preaching and deliver the word of God to the people God has  placed in their charge.  Elijah felt he was all alone, that there was no one else who was faithful in all of Israel.  Man of God never feel that way.  You are not alone.

However, there are pastors who want to leave their people feeling good, encouraged, and entertained.  Most of the “feeling good” is about themselves; and the preacher neglects to preach for the glory  of the Lord, the correction of sin.  We must preach the word of the LORD.  There is nothing else to preach.

Jeremiah was evidently called as a young man, and from a family of priests.  When God came to him he was uncertain, calls himself a child, and unable to speak.  However, notice what GOD says to him…


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One thought on “The Preacher and His Preaching

  1. Thank you for this word. I especially needed to hear it i think. Our pastor is a true man of God, but he has imperfections as we all do, and I am very outspoken and have been in his dog house more than one time. I am a very emotional person and I tend to answer rhetorical questions and that irritates him. I have been called into the prayer room before church for him to question my quick responses to “visitors..” He thinks I need to see them around for several visits before I hug them. But my quick assessment is simply too long for me to make them feel welcome. Oh well. I even considered leaving the church but I have no car so I would (with no car and bad arthritis and major pain, and I can’t walk far. My diabetes is of course also a curse I inherited from the genetic pool as have both my sisters. anyway I talked to sis and prayed and God led me to return and to offer apologies. God wants me there and things have been better even if i have to sit on my hands. LOL. God chooses, we obey and eventually discover that He seems to know things that never occurred to me. Imagine that! anyway pastors and teachers and in my case also praise and worship leader with his wife. Now e have a wonderful man and his new wife who are taking the burden of double duty away is he so determines. Anyway he is a special man and he does have the right to point out to me or anyone else when they are interrupting his focus. So I am there until “the cows come home,” and “throw the dog a bone” Silly but true and thank you for being my fan as I am yours and by the way I posted a new one today that I think you will like and again I appreciate you and your talent and also your kindness in bailing me out when no one comes and I want to shout. You are protecting me from myself. Come visit and bring friends okay? jlehman1945.

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