Righteousness Fulfilled

Broken Pieces

Matthew 3:13-17 continuing…

One of the things that we must realize is that the reason for Jesus’s coming was to glorify His Father, and another was to fulfill all righteousness. When He came to present Himself for baptism He was not only glorifying His Father, and fulfilling righteousness; He was also doing a third thing. This was God’s endorsement, approval of John Baptist’s ministry.

Fulfilling righteousness, meant that He must meet every real requirement of the Law of God. By being baptised He was identifying Himself with man as the God-Man. He was also illustrating, and committing Himself to the righteous requirements of His Father and the law. Had He not done so He would not have fulfilled all righteousness.

Jesus did not make a dramatic approach onto this scene. He did approach with intention and purpose, and that was to be baptised by John. By His coming to John…

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