It is the LORD’S Deliverance

Shiloah Baptist Church

Reading today from 1 Samuel 29 – 31…

“Then said David, ‘Ye shall not do so, my brethren, with that which the LORD hath given us, who hath preserved us, and delivered the company that came against us into our hand…” 1 Samuel 30:23 (KJB)

David and his men had returned to their home and discovered the city of Ziklag had been attacked, ransacked, and burned.  Their wives and children had been taken by the Amelekites as slaves probably.  There was much distress and anger among David’s men, even to the point of thinking of stoning David.  David himself was very discouraged and he encouraged himself in the LORD (30:6).

David and his army pursue the pillaging bunch and take back what belongs to them, rescue their wives and children, then return to those who were unable to go in pursuit due to weariness.

When David and his troops…

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