A Burden


A Great Heaviness

Romans 9:1-5

In chapters 9 – 11 Paul adds a parenthetical statement concerning the Nation of Israel – the chosen Nation of God. Chapter nine shows us God’s past work with Israel, chapter ten, shows us God’s work with Israel during what is called the Church Age – our day included; and chapter eleven deals with God restoring Israel – His future work in fulfilling all those yet to be fulfilled promises.

In this “Parenthesis” there is promise for all who are trusting Jesus now. It assures us that since God is going to fulfill His promises to Israel, even though, they were a rebellious, and stubborn people; so too God will carry out those promises He has made concerning our salvation.

In chapter nine we will see that Jesus is an offense to the Jew, and that this is not outside the will of God. It is for the purpose that many more could be saved – particularly the Gentiles. In chapter nine we will also see God’s will concerning matters concerning Israel:

*God’s will for a rebellious people who have received many blessings (vv. 1-5);
*God’s will in His compassion and mercy toward this people (vv. 6-13);
*God will have mercy on those whom He chooses (vv. 14-24);
*God’s will in redemption becomes a stumbling block to the self-righteous (vv. 25-33a);
*Jesus is that Rock of Offense – But those who believe will not be ashamed (v. 33b).

It is not God’s will that any should perish. He has provided a way for all mankind to be saved, if they would only hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus, believe and be saved. It is not God’s fault that any are lost. It is not His fault that all were condemned. Even if God had chosen to do nothing for our salvation He would have been perfectly just, holy, and righteous in doing nothing. However, God had done something really big in sending His Son Jesus to die in our place.

Paul has A HEAVINESS OF HEART for his people; 1) he mentions this heaviness in vv. 1-2; 2) he even goes so far as to say that if it would redeem them, he himself would be willing to be accursed for them in v. 3. Let’s see some things which Paul mentions of how they [Israel] have been blessed:

1.  They are adopted (v. 4);
2.  They have received glory (v. 4);
3.  They received the covenants (v. 4);
4.  They received the law (v. 4);
5.  They received the service of God (v. 4);
6.  They were recipients of the promises (v. 4);
7.  They are the Nation from which Christ came (v. 5);
8.  They are blessed of God forever (v. 5).

SEE also Deut.7:6-10; 10:12-15;

-Tim A. Blankenship


The Presentation


Colossians 1:21-23

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,” Jude 24 (KJV).

There is coming a day where those who have trusted the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross – His death, burial and resurrection; when Jesus will come and gather His Bride to Himself, and make a glorious presentation to the Father. What a day that will be.


A. In truth we were active participants against God, godliness, holiness, righteousness.

1. We were enemies of God.
2. That actually means we were actively participating against the work of God.

B. We are not left without promise or hope here though.

1. Even with us in this wicked condition, because of the grace of Jesus and the Father there is reconciliation.
2. Reconciled, reconciliation one and the same – the rejoining of two who have been separated.


A. Some may ask, “What is the need of reconciliation?”

1. God and man has been separated by sin.
2. God in His grace and love seeks to unite us to Himself, but cannot leave us as we are.

B. The Scriptures Paul has written are clear that Jesus died in a real, physical, human body.

1. He suffered – The suffering was genuine and real.
2. He bled. He died. He did it to redeem fallen humanity and all creation.

C. Even though we were in our sins God came down to us in the form of human flesh, in the person of His Son.

1. His death and resurrection means life for all who will believe Him.
2. It also means a new mind and heart.


A. Notice the way we are presented;

1. We are presented HOLY;
2. We are presented UNBLAMEABLE;
3. We are presented UNREPROVEABLE.

John MacArthur writes,

“God sees us now as we will be in heaven when we are glorified. He views us clothed with the very righteousness of Jesus Christ. The process of spiritual growth involves becoming in practice what we are in reality before God. We ‘have put on the new self’ and that new self ‘is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him’ (Col. 3:10). The Christian life involves ‘beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord [which covers us before God, and] being transformed into the image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit” (2 Cor. 3:18).
The MacArthur New Testament Commentary COLOSSIANS/PHILEMON pg. 65.

B. This is before His face, or in His presence.

1. Because of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection God sees us now just as we will be in Heaven when we are glorified.


A. The sure evidence of faith is a continuing faith.
B. When there is a true confession of faith in Jesus there is also a desire to know Jesus better.

1. There is a desire to tell others of what He has done for you.
2. There is a hunger to hear His Word and apply that Word to daily living.
3. One sign of abiding faith is also, when trouble comes along you keep looking to the Lord; not turning away believing He has forsaken you.

Let me quote Dr. J. Vernon McGee on this verse,

“This is not a conditional clause that is based on the future. The if that Paul uses here is the if of argument. It does not mean that something shall be if something else is true; rather it means that something was if something else is true. We would say, ‘Since ye continue in the faith grounded and settled.’ Paul’s point is that we have been reconciled — it is an accomplished fact. So if you are a child of God today, you will continue in the faith grounded and settled. You will not be moved away from the hope of the gospel which you have heard.”
THRU THE BIBLE COMMENTARY series Phillipians and Colossians pp. 140.

C. Through the faith of Jesus Christ we will be presented before the Almighty Father without sin, and be glorified.

1. This presentation will be glorious.
2. The glorious thing about it all will be that Jesus Himself will be the very object of glory.
3. Jesus will be glorified over all.

-Tim A. Blankenship