BREAKING: Ceasefire announced after Gaza terrorists launch 200+ rocket & mortar attacks against Israel. Here’s the latest. Please keep praying.

Originally posted on Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog:
(Jerusalem, Israel) — Yesterday was not an easy one in the Epicenter. Here’s the latest as of 7:30am, Israel time: More than 200 rockets and mortar rounds were fired at Israel by terrorists in Gaza on Saturday, July 14 — the biggest salvo of attacks since August…


The Security of The Word – Proverbs 6:1-35 Verses 1 – 5 –  Warning or caution against being the security for anothers debt; or “co-signing” for others.  From the ESV Study notes, “The main point of the appeal begins in v. 3: save yourself from the whim of the one in debt and plead urgently … More Security

Hear and Hold On

Hearing and Holding On – Proverbs 4:1-27 Verses 1-13 –  Hold on to wisdom; like a family heirloom.  Children are the fruit of marriage, and the responsibility of their teaching, their learning is that of the father and mother.  It is, however the responsibility of the child to learn the teachings which they are taught.  … More Hear and Hold On

Deliverance from the Evil, and from the Strange

The notes below are taken from the BELIEVER’S BIBLE COMMENTARY. Deliverance From the Evil and the Strange – Proverbs 2:10-22 Verses 10 – 11 –   “The reason this happens is that wisdom takes control of one’s mind or heart, and the knowledge of what is right becomes pleasant rather than distasteful. To the true believer, … More Deliverance from the Evil, and from the Strange

Wisdom’s Voice

Wisdom’s Voice – Proverbs 1:20 – 33 Verses 20 –  The Voice of Wisdom.  Matthew Henry in the commentary has written, “I. By whom God calls to us—by wisdom. It is wisdom that crieth without. The word is plural—wisdoms, for, as there is infinite wisdom in God, so there is the manifold wisdom of God, … More Wisdom’s Voice

Man of Understanding

THE MAN OF UNDERSTANDING Hearing Wisdom From Human Sources – Proverbs 1:8-19 Verse 8 –  The first line of defense against evil for the child is the parents and their wisdom concerning good, right, wrong, godliness, evil, Righteousness and unrighteousness. If the parents are not wise in the things of God, then their children are … More Man of Understanding