Persecution of Iraqi Christians

I just received this email and wanted to let you all know about it.  Please join me in praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq.



I wanted to let you know about Chuck Colson’s BreakPoint commentary about the plight of Iraqi Christians, which aired last week (see transcriptclick here for audio). 


Persecution has escalated recently and threatens the existence of Iraq’s non-Muslim minorities now more than ever.  More than 15,000 Iraqi Christians have been forced by Islamic terrorists to flee Mosul for refuge in neighboring states in October.  Many of those who remain in Iraq are internally displaced.  The response of the American government and the Iraqi authorities has been grossly inadequate.  But we will continue to speak out on behalf of the victims and provide emergency food aid.


Would you consider letting your blog readers know about the troubles facing Christians in Iraq and encourage them to sign a petition asking the U.S. government to help Save Iraqi Christians


Also, join our Save Iraqi Christians Facebook cause, and for photos and video links visit


Thank you,

Dr. John Eibner

Christian Solidarity International


Thanks.  Let’s pray for all our brothers and sisters in other lands where they are not free to practice their faith.  We should remember that our freedoms here in the States are not guaranteed.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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