Five Years Ago

Five years ago when my wife and I were living in Farmington, Missouri and I was pastor of Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church I started Fire and Hammer blog.  It was in January of that year and on Blogger.

I was writing almost everyday and rewriting online things I had written years before.  Studies in Revelation and such.  I also began writing about former pastors and such; then one day I lost everything on the blog; including the blog.  The host was doing some work improving their servers and programs and things like that; and I hit the wrong button; or something.  To this day I have never figured out what happened.  It was gone.

I came over to WordPress and started again.  I have been here ever since.  I am now well into my sixth year blogging here.  Thank you WordPress for allowing myself and others to have a place to leave the message of God’s Word on the web.

I know it is not a real whiz bang blog.  My intentions is not to impress any one or everyone.  My intentions are to get the Word of God out.  I thank God for the privilege of doing so.  I know I am not the only one doing it; and thank God for all who are being faithful in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and the whole counsel of God.

To all who are subscribed to this blog, and to all who read the articles.  THANKS and I pray you have been blessed.  God bless you all.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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