An Enlarged Aorta

You may wonder what a title like that is about, and I will tell you in a moment.  It is great to hear of someone who has a “Big heart”, and by that is usually meant that they are generous, caring, never seeking for themselves.  That can be said of many people.  The last thing, though, than any of us want to hear is that a loved one has a sickness, disease which is or could be fatal.

My wife [Madge] has just been diagnosed to have an anuerism (not sure of the spelling there) of the aorta.  From all that I understand about it it is quite serious.  I know that it is to us at this point. 

To the readers of Fire and Hammer I wanted to ask those of you who are followers of Jesus Christ to pray for her healing.  I am however, praying for His glorious will, whatever that may be. 

My wife and I have been married for 34 and one half years, and I have grown in love with her more through each year of our lives.  It can be frightening to feel that the life of one you love is hanging by a thread.  There is peace in knowing that our lives are in God’s Almighty, life giving hands, and that no one of us knows the day or timing of our death.  Life and death are in His hands.  I am thankful for the days my wife and I have together, and am looking forward to many more.

Please pray for us.  Thank you for doing so.

May God bless you all.


10 thoughts on “An Enlarged Aorta

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  2. It was a blessing to hear you and your wife’s testimony – each of our lives are in God’s hands. It was a 2 years ago on a Sat. that my husband had a stroke and he MOVED TO HEAVEN after a month.I thank the Lord for His constant care/comfort/and eternal hope that we had/have because of our Faith in Him – Jesus Christ. I will be praying for the Drs. and others who care for your wife and you. May the Lord bring healing and a longer life together. It is so comforting to have our eternal hope in HIM.
    Blessings, Dorothy C.


    • Dorothy, Thank you for your kind words. God is so glorious and good. We cannot begin to express enough thanksgiving to Him for His grace and goodness. My wife (Madge) is doing well. We just spent our 37th anniversary in Branson for two days.
      Thank YOU Lord.
      Thanks again Dorothy for your kind comments and continued prayers.


    • Jerry, thanks for leaving comment, and for the prayers for my wife. We found out on Monday that her aorta has grown from a 4 to a 4.5. Like you we are learning to live one day at a time, and pray.
      Thanks again.


    • I really have no good answer for you. The best thing is to ask your doctor. It seems to be a pretty serious matter, that needs to be watched regularly by MRI or MRA.
      My wife’s enlarged aorta seems to be less serious than was first thought.
      We are very grateful. God has been so good, and continues in His goodness daily.
      We pray you do be well too.


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