The Way to Hell

Are we not always looking for the easy way to do things?  For many years we were in the “Industrial revolution” which brought us the steam engine, the gasoline engine, electricity, automobiles, power equipment for farming, gardening, and so forth.  Our ancestors worked hard, and they worked at fining an easier way of doing their work.

The word of wisdom from Solomon is found saying –

“Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.”  Proverbs 7:27

Whose ways?  The temptress, the harlot, the prostitute, the flatterer (Male or female).  It is easy to fall into this temptation, because it comes from a natural drive; given us by God.  Just because it is easy does not make it right.  That is why Wisdom is speaking and telling the naive young man and woman in some cases that this the the way to hell.

We live in a generation where we are being told by some school personnel, government leaders, some religious leaders, and neighbors, family members and friends, “Oh!  It is such a natural thing; and it feels so good what could possibly be wrong about it.”  You could add your own experience with the argument to what the “it” is.

The whole matter with the sin thing, and especially the sexual sin is that it tends to stick with you for your whole life.  You will never get over it or away from it.  You can only hope and pray that some where along the way you can find forgiveness and cleansing.

The way to Hell is already prepared.  You need do nothing.  That is your destination when you are living in sin and rebellion against God.

The way to God has been prepared as well.  It is not so easy.  The easy way is not always the best way or the right way.  There was a price paid to bring you to God and His glory, and that was the life of His Son Jesus Christ.  With Him there is forgiveness and cleansing.  Trust Jesus and miss the way to Hell.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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