Happy in Forgiveness

“Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.” Psalm 32:1 (KJV)

Another Psalm of David with a “Blessed”.  The word means Happy.  However in a world where everyone wants happiness we must understand that the happiness men and women, boys and girls are wanting and for the most part having; is sadly lacking in merit and quality.

The happiness which the Psalmist is writing of is from God; it is not fleeting.

There are people today who say something like this, “God wants me to be happy” so they set about seeking happiness in anything that they believe will make them so.  A man who is unhappy with his wife knows a woman he works with, they talk, they share secrets, they encourage and comfort one another; he believes he can be happy with her.  That is not the Happiness which God gives.

Notice in the verse above the four other words which are given; two of which are essential for “Happiness”.  “Forgiven” and “Covered”.  “Transgression” is rebellion against God.  “Sin” is transgression.  The word “Forgiven” carries the meaning of being carried by another.  The word “Covered” has the meaning of concealing never to be revealed again.

There can only be true, God given happiness when our transgressions are forgiven and our sins are covered.  That has been given all who will believe and receive it through God’s gift of His Son Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins – our transgressions – being buried carrying our sins away, and His bodily resurrection from the dead.  Believe Him and receive His free gift of grace.  That is “Happiness” beyond human understanding.

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