When You Sing unto the LORD

“But I have trusted in Thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation. I will sing unto the LORD, because He hath dealt bountifully with me.” Psalm 13:5-6 (KJV)

David is noted as being the author of this Psalm. In the beginning of it he has questioned “How long will You forget me, O LORD?”, and “How long will You hide Your face from me?” He has felt as though the LORD has neglected him, and is not listening to his pleas.

He has felt that his enemy is being exalted over him, and he is the one suffering for it. Does it ever seem that way for you? I must admit I have had my moments of despair, doubt, and fear.

Notice though how David ends this prayer song. “I have trusted in Thy mercy, my heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation.” How quickly things can change when you find yourself before the face of God; and all the questions seem to fade away.

When you get before the face of God the questions no longer matter. Have you ever heard someone say; or maybe you have said it yourself: “When I get to heaven I have a lot of questions I want to ask God?” I have thought that in years past, but I have learned also that when I get to see God face to face all the questions that I have thought I would ask will not even matter then. I believe that because when I have asked them here, and received the peace and comfort of God; the questions no longer mattered.  They certainly will not matter then.

Why does David place His trust in the LORD? “…Because He has dealt bountifully with me.” When we see God, His grace, His work in us where else is there to place our trust? Nowhere else; and No other One. He is our mercy and our salvation.

You will not begin to see His wondrous bounty, mercy, grace; until you come to Him through His Son Jesus who bled and died on the cross, was buried and bodily arose from the grave.  Trust Jesus Christ and His finished work; then witness the greatness and power and bounty of God as one of His own.

3 thoughts on “When You Sing unto the LORD

  1. i love the idea of singing and also doing in in church or at home, whereever I might be which is usually at the apartment when sis and tom are at work and I am alone.The praise and worship team at church are outstanding. So I do in my singing. And I finished the surgery for my cataracts and am now just finishing up the drops and visits. I even bought some reading glasses so i could continue my daily Bible study . I like this entry though I don’t remember not liking one so I guess that is a given. jlehman1945 come see blog when you can. I know you must be busy.

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  2. Hi, Tim I have not been officially writing for long. Probably about a year, but God put on my heart to do this. And it is a combination of prose and poetry. The Alphabet was also inspired by the Lord. I believe the Lord wanted a venue that anyone can understand that might lead someone to be in touch with His Word. It is light reading as I am sure you have seen. I am in awe of your work and so enjoy it every day. I hope you will read more of mine. And comments are welcome. I do believe we are our own fan club. I was an English minor and drama major and I taught all my working life. Grammar. writing, ESL GED. So this is fairly a short time for me to write things people might actually read. I am retired now and I love blogging Christian messages. Thanks for asking. Keep coming back as I will to yours. jlemhan1945

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