No God???

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” Psalm 14:1 (KJV)

Who would dare to say that there is “No God”?  Not the wise, observant person who has eyes to see.  Not the one’s who know that things do not just appear from nothing.  Everything has a designer, and builder.

When I see this verse and the one similar to it in Psalm 53:1 my mind goes immediately to those who are non theist.  They have conventions.  Just recently they had one in Springfield, MO. calling it “Scepticon”  I guess for a gathering of non believers in God.  They try to win people over to the idea that “God does not exist”.

Notice what the Psalmist says of these people.  “They are corrupt” they are wasters, destroyers, spoilers.  “They have done abominable works” the works that they do may seem good in the eyes of men, but according to God and His Word they are “abominable” abhor the honor and glory of God. “None that doeth good” all that they do is done for their own pride and pleasure, rather than to glorify God in whom they say they do not believe.

I need not prove the existence of God.  “The earth is the LORD’S  and all that is therein”  He has made it.  It declares His glory; and the greatest knowledge of God comes from the cross of Christ.  God came to man in human flesh in His Son Jesus Christ and gave His life a ransom for all who will believe.  God is for He is the “I Am” of all eternity.

6 thoughts on “No God???

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    1. We know that man has sperms in liquid form (seminal fluid); woman has ovum in liquid form. After nine months of gestation, a baby was born but it died. It was buried and exhumed a little while. Where did the bones of the dead child come from? Where did the hair come from?
    2. You drink a fertilized egg. Did your mouth feel any beak or hair or bones? The hen sits on the fertilized eggs for about 21 days. When the eggs hatch, where did the beak or hair or bones come from?


  4. I get that people don’t believe in God, not everyone does. What I will never get is why non-believers put so much effort into something they don’t believe in.


    • Thanks for your comment. I do not understand that either. They are currently spending a lot of time and money; and some are making a few dollars propagating the baseless argument that there is no God. Maybe lining their pockets is really what it is about.

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