Day Three Hundred and Eleven

What do I want for Christmas?

I want all Christians, Presidents, Presidential candidates, Senators, Congress, Governors, Mayors, and City officials; and all people to realize the preciousness of a child, born and  unborn; to call for a stop of the murder of the unborn human child.

Jesus said,

Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 (NKJV)

2 thoughts on “Day Three Hundred and Eleven

  1. Nail it! Yes nail it! This is so vastly important and I am concerned that these “people” running for President are basically clueless. I Voted for Marco Rubio and I believe he is the man for this hour. I pray for that to occur because the the other,s even Cruz, who represents my state, Texas is too lofty and you know what they he say about lawyers, although I found out recently that Rubio has a law degree also, but he did not spend much time practicing. Cruz is arrogant i a I am sorry to say, but he is quite bright. I I voted on him when he ran for the Senate. urged on and backed by Saran Palin. Then I should have realized something was up, when she did not back his race and especially when she went for Trump. If he is elected a fear many will move out of this country. He must be stopped and if you have not voted yet, please give Rubio a careful scrutiny. He is young and smart and waxes eloquent, He knows how to speak to the people not above them, but to them ,and I am so sorry that he and Cruze have been forced to go “dirty” against Trump. I was sad that it came to that but Trump has to be denigrated to make their point. Our country deserves the best man for the job and that is Rubio.( in my humble opinion.) Otherwise people will be running for the hills. I must seem to be rambling, but this is heavy on my heart. And abortion on demand is not the path to take. Trump has no morals and no proper use of language. He is very vulgar. And we meed a man with a strong moral fiber. For I see the End approaching and I am praying that it is not yet, but so many events seen to going that way.. Thanks for holding up the children, we are all supposed to be God’s children but in that passage He was talking of real children, and we must come to Him in the form of those innocent children. And all the vile things must be banished. Abortion on demand tree birth control for even the youth at a time they should be allowed to play and enjoy their lives while they are still just children. I had to play the role of an adult beginning when I was seven. and it was not easy and I was not allowed due to circumstances to be a child. My childhood was stolen from me and I would very much llke for today’s children to just be that—–children, pure and innocent as God made them to be. Thanks for listening, (or reading.) My heart is heavy with visions of the future and though I do know where I am going, I would like to see that wonderful harvest and relish it for a time. MY blog is not “overflowing with readers,” so if you can visit I would appreciate it. And I need to get a new one (prosity) posted. Will get started typing one that is already written tomorrow I hope or Tuesday at the latest. jlheman1945 I wish you well as the week unfolds. Tuesday may begin to tell the election tale. Then March 15, Ides of March according to the Greeks it is also my baby sister’s birthday.. Later my friend. jlehman1945 God bless you and yours.

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    • I see you are passionate about Rubio; however I cannot be. Right now there is only one righteous man I can vote for and that is Dr. Carson. The State of Missouri has not yet had a vote.


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