On Christian disarmament in the light of the attack on 1st Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs

Christian Theology

Some are saying, “They were in a church. They were praying. Therefore prayers do not work.” Christians have answers to those kinds of things. Why would God allow suffering or persecution to touch his people? Would a good God allow that? This also speaks to some presumptions people have about God. Some ways they think he would need to be before being worthy of a religion. First, he would need to never allow them to suffer.

Others are saying that “This proves that it’s time to take away weapons from the people. This could never have happened if there were Gun Control laws.” When we see what’s happening in places like Chicago, with the strongest gun control laws in the country, and more than 400 gun related murders a year, mostly of illegally armed assailants against unarmed victims, we might think those arguments would fail for many reasons. Even the…

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